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Steve Smith

Steve Smith was a long time student of David Harris and the successor/inheritor of Fook Yueng’s system and has been teaching martial arts for over 35 years. Additionally, he spent time training with other notable instructors including Sid Woodcock, Sonny Umpad, Ed Hart and Jesse Glover.

Steve met Jesse Glover and Ed Hart in 1991 and was influenced by the ideas of Non-Classical Gung Fu. Their relationships turned into life-long friendships. Steve filmed and produced Ed Hart’s video Gung Fu to Grappling which contains the most informational interview available on Ed’s fighting philosophy. He also worked with Jesse for several years, promoting and selling Jesse’s media: books and videos.

Throughout their friendship, Steve exchanged his own martial arts ideas with Jesse. Jesse eventually incorporated some of Steve’s methods into his own Gung Fu and in-fact began to teach some of those ideas to his students and at seminars. Steve respectively incorporated ideas he learned from Jesse and Ed into his system, Infinity Concepts.

Steve’s skills and innovations in martial arts are well respected in the NCGF community and today many practitioners of NCGF continue to work with him, exchanging ideas, training and learning.

In additional to teaching his own system, Steve also teaches Non-Classical Gung Fu classes, continuing the tradition and passing on the rich ideas of the processes.

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