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Ed Hart

Ed Hart was born November 8th 1924. 

In his younger days Ed gained significant experience as a street fighter and later as a professional boxer. In 1958 he moved to Seattle, Washington where he eventually joined the Seattle Judo Club. At the dojo, Ed met Jesse Glover, and the two became close friends. A year later they would both see Bruce Lee perform Gung Fu forms on a stage in Seattle. After becoming Bruce Lee's first student, Jesse introduced Ed to Bruce, and Ed became Bruce's second student. 

Years later, Ed would combine his boxing skills and street experience with Gung Fu to create his personal art which he called "The Stuff." Although the name was somewhat in jest, Ed's instruction was not. The Stuff consisted of structural foundation, power, sensing, and a focus on ending a fight quickly. Ed catered his instruction to each student, working on specific techniques that would most benefit a particular student's physiology and abilities. In addition to teaching martial arts, Ed was a father-figure and a mentor to many. Ed Hart died on December 8th 1998. He is fondly remembered and greatly missed. 

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