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Mike Lee

Mike Lee began working out with his brother, Jesse Glover when he was 11 years old. Shortly after Jesse met Bruce Lee in 1959 he began taking Mike to workouts and Mike developed a strong interest in martial arts. Jesse trained him and pushed him hard in order to increase his stamina and build his perseverance. By age 13 he was training regularly with early Bruce Lee students.

When Mike was 19 he began to work out several hours per day, and over several years developed impressive skills and a maniacal training curriculum. He could bench press 200 pounds, 200 times per session (eventually 300 pounds), do incredible numbers of push-ups and sit-ups (100s to 1000s), could perform dips for longer than 5 minute without stopping and run between 15 and 25 miles per day.

He eventually came up with his own methods for developing strength, power, speed and structure. The system he created was called “Nova” which was developed largely in-part to deal with his stronger and very skilled brother, Jesse. Mike taught for a number of years and today, several of his students still carry on the concepts learned from him. Mike will forever be a part of the history of Non-Classical Gung Fu.

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