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Seattle School "The Dungeon"

Jesse Glover taught Non Classical Gung Fu in Seattle, Washington for 50 years and trained 100s of people. His classes were relatively small, low-key and non-commercial. Throughout his years teaching, he did not have a ranking system and did not certify people, give titles or belts. Jesse always said, “People will know my students when they touch hands with them.” In other words, the Gung Fu was something that had to be felt and experienced. Jesse’s Seattle students vary greatly in the time spent training with him and the skills they acquired. One of Jesse’s primary philosophies was that only through dedicated practice and mass repetition could one understand the Gung Fu. The more work a student puts in, the more they will get out.

Today there are many students who still train and continue to perpetuate, in their own way, the methods they learned and the skills acquired through training with Jesse. As Jeet Kune Do is Bruce Lee, Non-Classical Gung Fu is Jesse Glover. Each student teaches his/her version of what they learned and developed. Therefore it is up to the people who knew Jesse and respected “the process” to pass on their personal lessons in a way that honors the essence of the Gung Fu.

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