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The following lists include the names of individuals who were students of Jesse Glover and/or Ed Hart in Seattle, Washington. The lists are based on memory and likely not complete. The intention of the lists is to preserve accuracy and leave politics aside; to include people who attended classes over a significant period of time, rather than a handful of classes or lessons. If you believe your name should be on either of the lists below (or would like your name removed), please contact us at: 

Jesse Glover – Seattle NCGF Students:

Todd Arbuckle

Casey Armstrong

Barry Bostain

Vince Calderone

Nick Calvetti

Chris Charnos

Mike Crusoe

Tom DeFelice

Pat Detray

Kim Ferrel

Mike Ferguson

Amanda Foti

Jeff Garrett

John Gonzalez

Sean Grant

Marty Grasa

Dave Hill

Wallace Johnson

Reji Kumar

Harold Lang

Barry Mar

Paullette Mendoza

Bill Monroe

Barbara Nelson

Jeff Palais

Todd Parks

Wolfgang Rain

Armand Reiser

Ray Reiser

Tom Seal

Josh Stanfill

Chris Sutton

Paul Tafil

Wesley Toda

Laura Ulmer

Genevieve Williams

Aaron Wood

Ed Hart – Seattle NCGF Students:


Drew Badham

Mike Barnett

Dan Brandt

Rod Chappel

Chris Charnos

Mike Davey

Tom DeFelice

Kris DeFelice

Chris Ebert

Greg Gima

Ted Hart

Dennis Hern

Don Hemminger

Cory Laverdure

Daniel Maccelari

Jeff Shirakawa

Tom Stevens

Hank Talley

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