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Tom DeFelice April, 2021:
In 2012, shortly after Jesse Glover's passing, I decided I wanted to make a documentary on Non-Classical Gung Fu. After a lot of consideration on how to approach the project, the task seemed daunting: so many people to interview, so much research, so much history. I had to start somewhere. In October of 2012, Pierre Hartmann hosted a seminar in Geneva, Switzerland that offered the perfect opportunity to begin interviewing some of the people in Europe who are part of the NCGF history. Everything went fairly smooth and I completed the planned interviews. After returning home, I had additional plans to interview more students and friends from Seattle. A few interviews were completed, but progress significantly slowed down until eventually life got in the way. I began a new job and became increasingly busy with work and family and the documentary lost all its momentum. The project became sidelined, indefinitely. 

My future plan is to eventually re-approach the documentary with the effort and energy it requires. The documentary, tentatively named: "Beyond the Art" is a work of great importance to me and one that is always in the back of my mind. Thank you to all the friends who've participated so far. There's still a LOT of work to be done!

The following "test clip" is the first major edit based on some of the interviews that were completed:


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