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In remembrance of Barry Mar

by Gael Lacault

April 1st, 2021

In the Family of Bruce Lee's Jun Fan Gung Fu and Jesse Glover's Non-Classical Gung Fu, existed a man not very well known by a large audience but very appreciated by this Family, clan, brothers and partners, a man who’s called Mr. Barry Mar. Unfortunately, Barry passed away 3 weeks ago, he was a manager, a martial artist, a cherished Uncle, a friend and student of late the Bruce Lee in early 60s and Jesse Glover.... Bruce introduced Jesse Glover to Barry at this time when he came back to Seattle in the early 70s, Barry became a true friend and student of Jesse Glover (1st student of Bruce Lee, Seattle Washington). Jesse Glover was my mentor and Teacher and he introduced me to Mr. Barry Mar in 2010. Barry was a real Gentleman, he became a dear friend after the loss of Jesse in 2012, he perpetuated the philosophy, friendship and link with the Seattle Gung Fu group where the early students of Bruce Lee came from. Barry was a good man, who always gave good advice and had no ego. He had a lot of stories about Bruce Lee, Jesse, Seattle years, but for him the important thing was the present moment, he always enjoyed the good times that we had during the seminars all around Europe with Students of Jesse from USA like Tom DeFelice or Chris Charnos, Wolfgang Rain, and in Europe like Seyfi Shevket in London, Andreas Hackel and Ingolf Grabitz in Germany, Pierre Hartmann in Geneva and me in Bordeaux, France. But far beyond that, he enjoyed Life, people, perpetuated the lineage of Bruce and Jesse, discovered new horizons, shared some thoughts next to a cup of coffee, like we said all the time: Life is Good. On this earth, sometimes we have the chance to meet some few authentic, good people, with a lot of love, patience, empathy and friendship, this is the case with a humble man called Barry Mar.


Take care my dear Friend, miss you. You are always in our hearts.


Gael Lacault

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